“I can't say enough good about Joe Brookstein and his professional approach to this task. ”

John, Fairfax

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     I can't say enough good about Joe Brookstein and his professional approach to this task. Of note, we offered six different vendors the opportunity to bid on this job. Of the six, Joe's estimate was #2 in price (about 10% less than the most expensive estimate). But it wasn't price that caused us to select Joe. It was Joe. During the planning/estimating phase he was sensitive to our design ideas and offered easy to understand counsel on design and materials that served to shape how the project plan evolved. Further, Joe explained in great detail exactly how he was going to complete the work highlighting why and how the materials and construction techniques he bid were going to result in a high quality job. Joe is very knowledgeable, confident and eager to ensure that we would be satisfied with the job.  Once work began, our decision to use Joe Brookstein was affirmed in several ways. First, Joe was on the job site every day, maybe only for an hour on some days, but he never let a day close without an inspection visit to satisfy himself that the work was unfolding the way he wanted it to be done.  He was the only contractor who had a porta-potty delivered to the job site so that his workers didn't have to come into the house and use our bathroom (not that we would have objected).  But Joe said that it was his policy to use the porta-potty. In addition, all of his staff were in a Brookstein Services work shirt/uniform all day, every day. Second only to the fine job was the fact that, when Joe encountered an issue or construction challenge/question, he brought us outside to explain the problem and offer us alternative courses of action to fix the problem.  Joe initially estimated two weeks to get the job done - front and back of our house.  Joe's work crews (one for the front of the house, one for the back) arrived by 7:30 AM every day except one (it rained that day) and they quit about 5:30 PM. They went out of their way to ensure that the construction process didn't affect any aspect of our property to the extent of laying tarps on the drive for the wheel barrow traffic from front to back. At the end of every work day the entire job site was cleaned, swept and tarped (to protect the unfolding construction site from overnight rain). Not only are we convinced that we've received a well built addition to our home, we've found a contractor who we can trust for future landscaping work.  Joe Brookstein and his staff are worth every penny they earn.

Authorized Belgard Contractor Certified ICPI Installer Certified SRW Installer Certified EPA Lead-Safe

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